What Will You Get?

MOISAI Steel Tongue Drum. Wool Mallets. Tuners. E-Handbook delivered to your email.

How Is It Made?


Multiple days of handcrafting process shortened to 49 seconds.

We handcraft every single MOISAI steel tongue drum in the faraway
forests of Lithuania.

Every step in a process is full of attention and love to create instruments that each tune is in perfect harmony with each other.

The harmony which has a purpose to heal and spread the calmness to
the ones who are missing it.

Try It Virtually

Just click on ❗️KEY OF TONGUE DRUM❗️ wait for a few seconds and feel the sound surrounding you with calmness! ✨

We tune our drums to 440hz by default, and we also provide little magnet tuners so that you could tune your drum to the scale & freuqncy that you desire!

We’ve spent 4+ years just refining the drum’s resonance to make sure that it touches your soul!

No musical background is required!
The notes are synchronised between each other, therefore it will sound beautiful whichever note you gonna play.

It’s not just a musical instrument,
but also a piece of art that serves great as interior detail.

Hand created drums are made in Lithuania using high-quality stainless steel to achieve that rich sound and vibrations.

It is the most unique gift that your beloved ones can receive! 

Calmness, who does not need it?

★ Lightweight (3.3lb / 1.5kg)

★ Shorter Resonance

★ Soothing Sounds

★ 8 Notes (No Silt)

★ Heavyweight (8.8lb / 3.8kg)

★ Sympathetic Resonance

★ More Soothing Sounds

★ Deeper & Richer Tones

★ 10 Notes (With Slit)

★ Longer Resonance

★ Higher Vibrations

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